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Mipro ISM MI-58 Wireless IEM 5.8GHz System

Mipro MI58 (Non-Dante) System $499 Delivered

Ships with Transmitter, Beltpack, Mipro earphones (OK for a backup) and our own battery charger.

Mipro ISM MI-58 Wireless IEM 5.8GHz System

 MI58 package as listed above - ADD Rack parts to mount transmitter in center of one space and back to front antenna extension $549 Delivered

Mipro MI58 Dante System $649

Ships with Dante Transmitter, Beltpack, Mipro earphones (OK for a backup) and our own battery charger.

Mipro Dante ISM MI-58 Wireless IEM 5.8GHz System

Dante package as listed - ADD Rack parts to mount in center of one space and back to front antenna extension. $699

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This will be the 3.7V charger shipping with the MI58 systems when they come back in. The charge in the body pack charger MP8 cost has gone through the roof.

Just like its big brother the Mipro MI909, the MI-58 will be a superior system when compared to what else is in the market in the under $700 range.  The build is solid and professional. When I compare the competition, I always find myself looking at a component and thinking, "Well this is Mickey Mouse." No such parts on the MI-58 - Solid and well built. When you look at the MI909 page on my site, you will see lots of parts. That is all that ever goes wrong Mipro. Lost antennas, knobs, belt clips etc. The systems are built to last. I still have plenty of clients around the world still using the discontinued 808TR analog system 20 years later.

The MI-58 system is fully digital. With the 5.8GHz frequency range, I was unable to find a channel that was not open (this was a real treat). 

Better Frequency Range - Bass players check this out. Due to the wider bandwidth, the frequency range is greatly expanded to 20Hz-23kHz. For comparison, the Sennheiser G4 is 25Hz-15kHz, the Shure PSM300 is 25Hz-15kHz and the Shure PSM900 is 38Hz – 15kHz.

The MI-58R Belt pack is the industries smallest, most lightweight fiberglass reinforced on the market. Granted, if you are the size of Andre the Giant, that is not relevant. But let us say you are one of those players that keeps the belt back in a pocket (heaven forbid) or, a female singer that needs to clip in under a dress or theater groups where belt pack real estate is tight. The MI-58R Belt pack is a game changer. The MI58 Belt Pack is powered by one ICR18500 Li-ion Rechargeable battery and has a backlit LCD screen. The latency is 2.2ms (REAL LOW). 

The MI-58T Transmitter is housed in a half space metal case with an OLED Display Screen. Audio sampling has a 24-bit / 48kHz Rate. An available option is a RJ-45 DANTE interface.

Range: My warehouse is 150 feet long and I never walked out of the signal. The volume and clarity stayed consistent throughout my warehouse.

I would recommend some additional batteries that you can have charged as backups. I did notice a drop in performance right at the battery’s life. And like any other IEM system, a freshly charged battery before your show is simply good practice.

Check the drawing below. I'd recommend just two systems per band. Give me a ring and I'll explain that. Mike 513.375.3302


MI-58R Digital Stereo Bodypack Receiver

The MI-58 Series is a digital IEM system operating in ISM 5.8 GHz band, due to the wider bandwidth property, the frequency response range is expanded to 20 Hz~23 kHz, and the S/N ratio is greatly improved, the audio latency is reduced, the sound quality is superior to the UHF system, and affordable price. It provides the DANTE interface for options.

The MI-58 Series consists of the MI-58R stereo bodypack receiver, the MI-58T stereo transmitter. Featuring a user-friendly control panel, long-distance transmission, it is ideal for personal and professional stages monitoring.

 The MI-58R has Stereo / Mono / Mixed output modes and EQ settings can suit the users’ preferences and a Ø 3.5 mm TRS jack provides left/right 100mW @16 Ω output for earphones.

MP-8 One-slot charging station

The MI-58T Transmitter  is equipped with a graphic OLED, a rotary knob, an ACT™ sync button, an audio input set button, and the industry’s first LED indicators for clear identification of the input volume to prevent the loudest peaks. It has Ø 3.5 mm and Ø 6.3 mm dual earphone monitoring connectors and individual volume controls. The rear panel of MI-58T is equipped with two XLR and Ø 6.3 mm input combo jacks, two Ø 6.3 mm phone jack loop outputs, an ACT-BUS networking interface, TNC RF output connectors, and a DC 12 V power supply. The MI-58T delivers < 25 mW output power (the maximum value depends on the telecom regulations of different countries) with an ON / OFF switch. It presets several interference-free channels, and can ACT™ sync to the receiver. With a high dynamic range stereo input combo jack, it can sustain the maximum output from any mixer. The system offers Engineer Mode (ENG MODE) so the sound engineers have full control in any live performance.

Individual Mipro MI-58 Components

Mipro FB-72 Mount 2 MI-58's side by side in one rack space. $22 Delivered

Mipro FB-72 Mount 2 MI-58's side by side in one rack space. $35 Delivered

Antenna for Mipro MI58T

Mipro 2TB016 Detachable

5.8 GHz Antenna $45

back to front antenna cable for MI58

Mipro FBC-72 MI58 Ant. Cable

$23 Delivered

Mipro MP8 Charger

for MI58R Belt Pack $99

Mipro FB-71 Rack Mount Kit


Mipro 1QGB0026 Belt Clip

MI909 & MI58 Belt Clip

$19 Delivered

MI58R Battery

MI58 Belt-pack after market Battery $9.00

Mipro MI58 Belt Pack same day shipping

Mipro MI58R Belt Pack $179 Delivered