"Regional Sound - National Quality"


I've limited inventory to what actually sells. I haven't sold a Shure SE425 or 535 for two years. Westone has taken over the balanced armature market with design and pricing (for those of you that go back a while, Westone made the first Shure E5 before they sent the build overseas for production). Future Sonics invented the dynamic driver in IEMs back in the Grateful Dead days. The Future Sonics Atrio is the IEM that started me on the road of dynamics driver IEMs. Then my work as the National Sales Manager for Aurisonics got me into hybrid (armature & dynamic) IEMs.

Regarding the Freq City Sound IEMs. I'm very proud of the sound stage and the price point. Without going into the sales presentation, if you don't feel it was the best money you've spent on improving your stage enjoyment and performance, return them to me for a complete refund - no questions asked. And feel free to phone my cell if you'd like to kick around your best option.  Mike 513.375.3302

FCS11B FOR BASS PLAYERS & DRUMMERS                        FCS-H3 3-WAY HYBRID $149                                FCS110 10MM DYNAMIC $89

                       FUTURE SONICS G10                                                                                            WESTONE IEMS

                           CUSTOM MOLDS                       TIPS / CASES / CABLES                       SHURE SE215 SALE $69